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Saeed Ahmed


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    Democracy International / USAID

    to develop a methodology and conduct a PEA to help streamline the governance, public finance management and National Election Commission and help institutionalize their processes and ensure creating a strategic vision and mission for developing inclusive policies for effective nation building. Develop and streamline strategies for effective engagement of Civil Society especially youth, gender and marginalized groups

  • 2021-05-30
    Chief of Party

    Tetra Tech ARD / USAID

    Leading a USAID Initiative for Strengthening Local Administration (ISLA) project to improve Governance, public finance, participatory budgeting, policy advocacy, accountability, transparency and public engagement for improved service delivery in areas of health, education, agriculture and IDPs in Afghanistan, I have managed the project across 16 provinces using results based project management principles. I developed and implemented sub- national governance and operational framework to help improve GIRoA’s ability to prioritize service delivery and develop central and subsequently provincial plans and budgets that represent provincial interests and public needs. Helped to have a positive impact on citizens’ needs in health, education, TVET, security, justice, gender and youth emancipation, land reforms, civil society engagement, and essential civic services. Helped the government develop and rollout 140-member strong CSO network for public accountability at the provincial level for the health and education sector. Helped develop a 140-member CSOs-Network for provincial accountability and transparency by developing community-based -monitoring (CBM) tools; Developed Provincial Strategic Guidelines to help government implement its Sub-National Governance Policy (SNGP); Led the development of mass media public campaigns using traditional, new media and SMS for information, education, accountability, and behavior change of internal and external stakeholders on sub- national governance and socio-economic and cultural issues. Helped run a successful women and youth internship program by placing over 250 young graduates with government entities. Helped streamline and institutionalize capacity building of the government, CSOs and IPs on management, communication, and advocacy. Helped develop digital platforms for ministries to have meaningful and result oriented engagement with various stakeholders.

Degree institution Level Start date Finish date
Post Grad in International Political Economy University Of Lieden Diploma 2021-03-01 2021-09-30
Post Grad Project Management University of California Certificate 2017-09-01 2018-03-30
Masters Media, Development Studies London School Of Economics Masters 1998-09-01 2000-05-01



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